Dear Blue Sky by Mary Sullivan

Hello reader! I am so glad that you picked my blog! For this entry I will be reviewing the young adult book Dear Blue Sky by Mary Sullivan. Along with my overview I will also be testing your knowledge on this book to see if you followed along closely and that you understand the different elements in this book. Blogging is a smart way to share information with a broad audience of people because it is informal while still promoting critical thinking skills.

Dear Blue Sky is a fantastic book to explore because there are a lot of different events, characters, and possible themes to analyze. This book is attractive for a very wide age range people so the number of different reactions to this book could be just as extensive. Additionally, the issues that each character goes through in this book are realistic issues that could affect anyone. By realizing this, readers are more likely to be able to connect this book to their actual lives.

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Book Info:

  • Author: Mary Sullivan
  • Title: Dear Blue Sky
  • Cover Design: Kristin Smith
  • Publisher: Puffin Books
  • Copyright Date: 2013

 I would recommend this book be read by people from aged 12-20. This age range fits the book because all of the issues that affect that characters fit this age range. The book’s main character, Cassie, is around 15 so the readers in this age range would be able to relate to what she and her family are going through.


This book centers around a family that is losing it’s key member, Sef. He is the “golden-child” and he has is being sent overseas to fight for his country. His sister Cassie, the book’s main character, is worried about her entire family once he leaves. Her life is thrown off even more when she connects with another girl that lives in the middle of the war zone that seems just like her. But, Cassie is determined to hold her family together while trying to understand what the other side of the world is like.

Activity 1:

Read 2-3 pages out loud to a partner that include dialogue. Then have your partner select another excerpt and have them read aloud. See if you can catch the switch in voice from character to character. Discuss this with your partner and briefly explain your thoughts.

Activity 2:

Make a collage about your favorite character. You could use pictures or words from the internet, magazines, or any other source that you feel is appropriate. Try not to use their name. See if you can accurately depict the character through only the words and pictures you find.

Activity 3:

Pick one character from the book and list 5 traits that you “Like” and then 5 that you “Dislike”. Explain why you picked that character, and after each list briefly explain why you listed those traits.

Possible Themes:

  • We are in this together: Cassie realizes that her family and friends need her just as badly as she needs them.
  • Find out who your friends are: Cassie’s best friend, Sonia, treats her poorly after an incident that involves their parents. Cassie soon relies on other friends to rely on.
  • Adversity reveals character: When things got rough for Cassie in many areas of her life she was able to wade through it and come out better than before.

5 Quick Questions:

1.    What did Sef and Cassie do every morning?

2.    What disability does Jack have?

3.    Who was Van’s boyfriend?

4.    Why did Van and her boyfriend breakup?

5.    What branch of the military did Sef join?

5 Thought Provoking Questions:

1.    What happened between Cassie’s mom and Sonia’s Dad? Why was it a big deal?

2.    Do you think Cassie’s dad could have played a larger role in improving their family’s relationship? Why or why not?

3.    If you were Cassie and you could send a quick message to Blue Sky, what would you tell/ask her?

4.    How does the book’s cover relate directly to the overall story?

5.    What character do you think played the biggest role in pulling Cassie through her family’s adjustment period without Sef? Why?



I hope you enjoyed this exploration of Mary Sullivan’s book Dear Blue Sky. Also, I hope you were exposed to different thoughts about the book that you have not had before. Use these ideas to collaborate with other students that have read this book to get an even better feel for it. Make sure to check back on my blog for future book overviews. Thank you!

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